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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well if anyone reads this site... You have realized there has been a bit of a hiatus here. Well the proprietors of this here site have been a bit busy, but we have decided to make a bit of a change in format. Instead of 7 a week, we will do our best to do daily or bi-daily rants and make a master list in the end of week. So in the spirit of hating everything here are a few things that're bugging me:

1. The Death of the Southside Irish Parade

Well we said before that the police stealing our beer was a travesty, now they finally put the kibbutz on the whole damn thing! I feel like we should have a funeral with speakers and a lowering of the proverbial coffin. Its like one of my friends dying, my favorite holiday going down. I mean sure, I didn't see one cold second of the parade the last three years, but its the principle of the thing! Now I'm going to look like even more of a jackass dressed up all in green.

2. Corruption Even in High Schools!

Well Blagojevich finally got indicted, and thats Illinois for you. But its come down even to my old high school! This state is the hellmouth and eventually its going to implode the United States like a black hole. Just suck the rest down into hell. Because corruption is so deep-seeded that even the deans of my high school can't resist paying for their kids' private school educations with public funding. (They work at a public school-that should say something haha.)

3. Fast and Furious

Its offensive to me that you take the "The"s out of a movie title and you think I'm going to give Vin Diesel another 10 of my dollars. Aint gonna happen 'Vin', if that is your real name. What are you the heir to some 1800s tycoon Vin 'Diesel'? If so, you don't need my money anyway. So fuck off.


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